Wrexham AFC to Increase Capacity with Temporary Kop End Stand.

Wrexham AFC has confirmed plans to build a temporary stand at the Kop End of the Racecourse Ground, increasing the stadium’s capacity by over 2,000. The new stand will be in place for the start of the 2023-24 season, with work beginning in the first week of December.

The temporary stand will be a welcome addition for Wrexham fans, who have been eagerly awaiting the expansion of the Racecourse Ground. The club’s new owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, have promised to invest in the club’s infrastructure, and the temporary stand is the first step in their plans to create a world-class stadium.

The temporary stand will be located behind the goal at the Kop End, and will have a capacity of 2,289 seats. It will also have an additional 20 wheelchair spaces. The stand will be made of steel and timber, and will be constructed in a matter of weeks.

The club is hoping that the temporary stand will be ready for the game against Newport County on Saturday, December 23. The stand will be for home fans only.

“We are delighted to announce that we will be building a temporary stand at the Kop End,” said a club spokesman. “This will increase the capacity of the stadium by over 2,000, and will allow more fans to come and watch the team. We are aware that there has been a lot of frustration about ticket availability, and we hope that this will help to address that.

“We are also making good progress with our plans for a new permanent stand at the Kop End. However, there are still a few outstanding matters that need to be resolved before we can start construction. The temporary stand will allow us to continue to play at the Racecourse Ground while we work on those matters.”

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“We are committed to investing in the club’s infrastructure, and we are confident that the temporary stand will be a valuable asset.”

The news of the temporary stand has been met with positive reactions from Wrexham fans. Many fans have taken to social media to express their delight at the news.

“This is fantastic news,” said one fan. “I can’t wait to see the new stand. It will be a great addition to the Racecourse Ground.”

“I’m so glad that the club is finally taking action to increase the capacity of the stadium,” said another fan. “I’ve been struggling to get tickets for games recently, so this is a welcome relief.”

The temporary stand is a positive step forward for Wrexham AFC. It will increase the capacity of the stadium, allow more fans to attend games, and help to improve the overall matchday experience.

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