UEFA to Co-Organize Ballon d’Or from 2024: Expanding the Reach of Football’s Prestigious Award

UEFA: In a significant move that will enhance the prestige and global reach of the Ballon d’Or, UEFA, the governing body of European football, has announced a partnership with Groupe Amaury, the owner of France Football magazine, to co-organize the prestigious award ceremony from 2024 onwards.

This collaboration marks a new era for the Ballon d’Or, which has been one of the most coveted individual honors in world football since its inception in 1956.

Under the terms of the partnership, UEFA will play a key role in organizing the annual Ballon d’Or gala, leveraging its expertise in managing major football events and its extensive network of stakeholders across the globe.

The organization will also be responsible for marketing and commercializing the award, ensuring that it reaches an even wider audience and continues to generate interest and excitement among football fans worldwide.

While UEFA takes on an expanded role in the organization and promotion of the Ballon d’Or, Groupe Amaury will retain ownership of the award brand and continue to oversee the voting process, ensuring that the Ballon d’Or remains independent and unbiased.

UEFA’s Role in the Ballon d’Or

UEFA’s involvement in the Ballon d’Or will primarily focus on two key aspects:

  1. Marketing and Commercial Rights: UEFA will leverage its extensive network and expertise to market the Ballon d’Or to a wider audience, expanding its reach beyond Europe and enhancing its global brand recognition. This will involve promoting the award through various channels, including television broadcasts, social media campaigns, and partnerships with sponsors.
  2. Organization of the Annual Gala: UEFA will play a significant role in organizing the annual Ballon d’Or gala ceremony, ensuring a world-class event that befits the prestige of the award. This includes managing logistics, venue selection, and overall event production.

Additional Changes and Awards

Apart from UEFA’s involvement, the Ballon d’Or is also introducing two new awards in 2024:

  1. Men’s Coach of the Year: This award will recognize the best men’s football coach, acknowledging their contributions to their team’s success.
  2. Women’s Coach of the Year: Similarly, this award will recognize the best women’s football coach, highlighting the achievements of coaches in the women’s game.

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This commitment to maintaining the integrity of the award is paramount to both UEFA and Groupe Amaury, as they recognize the importance of the Ballon d’Or in recognizing and celebrating the exceptional achievements of football players.

The partnership between UEFA and Groupe Amaury also brings about the introduction of two new award categories, the Men’s Coach of the Year and the Women’s Coach of the Year. These awards will acknowledge the pivotal role that coaches play in shaping the success of their teams and fostering the development of individual players.

The addition of these categories further strengthens the Ballon d’Or’s recognition of all aspects of the beautiful game, from individual brilliance to the tactical mastermind behind the scenes.

As UEFA steps into its new role as co-organizer of the Ballon d’Or, it is committed to upholding the award’s legacy of honoring the world’s best football players. With its extensive experience in managing football events and its global reach, UEFA is well-positioned to elevate the Ballon d’Or to even greater heights, ensuring that it remains the most prestigious individual award in world football for years to come.

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