Sergio Perez Urges Rethink Over Track Limits Following Abu Dhabi Penalty.

Sergio Perez has expressed his frustration with the current track limits regulations in Formula One, calling for a “rethink” of the rules following a penalty that cost him a higher starting position in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying.

Perez was one of several drivers to fall foul of the track limits rule during qualifying, with the stewards determining that his fastest lap was illegal due to an off-track excursion. This resulted in a grid penalty that dropped him from fifth to ninth place for the race.

Speaking to the media after qualifying, Perez expressed his disappointment with the penalty and called for a review of the track limits rules.

“Frustration as always, especially when it’s so close,” he said. “I think we need to have a rethink of track limits. It’s becoming a bit of a joke. We’re racing cars, and we’re pushing the limits. It’s not like we’re trying to gain an unfair advantage.”

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Perez’s comments echo those of other drivers who have criticized the track limits penalties in recent races. At the Austrian Grand Prix earlier this year, several drivers were penalized hours after the race, leading to confusion and frustration within the paddock.

The FIA, the governing body of Formula One, has defended its approach to track limits enforcement, arguing that it is necessary to maintain safety and prevent drivers from gaining an unfair advantage by going off the track. However, the recent controversies have raised questions about whether the current rules are effective and fair.

Perez’s penalty in Abu Dhabi highlights the ongoing debate about track limits in Formula One. While the FIA insists that the rules are necessary for safety reasons, drivers argue that they are becoming too harsh and restrictive. The governing body will need to find a way to balance the need for safety with the desire for exciting and competitive racing.

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