Premier League: VAR inconsistencies prompt call for overhaul.

Premier League is facing renewed calls to overhaul its VAR system after a string of controversial decisions in the early part of the 2023/24 season.

The most recent incident came in Liverpool’s match against Tottenham Hotspur, when Luis Diaz’s perfectly good goal was wrongly disallowed for offside. The VAR officials failed to use the correct lines when checking for offside, and the goal was chalked off despite replays clearly showing that Diaz was onside.

This was just the latest in a long line of VAR blunders in the Premier League. In recent seasons, there have been numerous incidents of VAR failing to overturn incorrect refereeing decisions, or even intervening to correct clear and obvious errors.

These inconsistencies have led to calls for a major overhaul of the VAR system in the Premier League. Some pundits have suggested that VAR should be scrapped altogether, while others believe that it needs to be reformed to make it more consistent and reliable.

One of the main criticisms of VAR is that it is too subjective. VAR officials have a lot of discretion in deciding whether or not to intervene in a particular situation, and this has led to inconsistencies in decision-making.

Another criticism of VAR is that it is too slow. Often, VAR checks take several minutes to complete, which can disrupt the flow of the game.

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The Premier League has acknowledged the problems with VAR and is currently working on a number of reforms. These reforms include:

  • Introducing a new “clear and obvious error” threshold. This means that VAR officials will only intervene if they are certain that a referee has made a clear and obvious mistake.
  • Reducing the number of VAR checks that take place. This will help to speed up the game and make VAR less disruptive.
  • Providing more transparency on VAR decisions. This will help fans to understand why VAR officials have made certain decisions.

However, it is unclear whether these reforms will be enough to address the fundamental problems with VAR. Some pundits believe that the only way to fix VAR is to scrap it altogether.

It is important to note that VAR is a complex system, and that there will always be some errors. However, the recent inconsistencies have raised concerns about the integrity of the Premier League. The league needs to take action to address these concerns and ensure that VAR is used in a fair and consistent manner.


VAR has been a source of controversy in the Premier League since its introduction in 2019/20. The recent VAR errors have led to renewed calls for an overhaul of the system. The Premier League needs to take action to address these concerns and ensure that VAR is used in a fair and consistent manner.

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