Mets Eyeing Southpaw Savior: Rumors Swirl of Lefty Bullpen Upgrade.

The New York Mets, notorious for their bullpen woes, are reportedly turning their attention to a glaring weakness: the lack of a reliable left-handed reliever. After a season where righty-heavy lineups feasted on their current options, the Mets are rumored to be actively seeking a southpaw upgrade.

“It’s no secret that our bullpen needs some work,” admitted Mets GM Billy Eppler in a recent interview. “Adding another dimension, particularly a lefty, would be a huge boost to our pitching staff.”

The rumor mill has churned out several potential targets, with names like Matt Moore, Andrew Chafin, and Jake Diekman popping up most frequently. Moore, a former starter who’s thrived as a reliever, is seen as an attractive option with his potent fastball-slider combo. Chafin, known for his pinpoint control and ability to neutralize righties, could provide a much-needed shutdown arm. Diekman, a veteran lefty with a wicked cutter, would offer yet another weapon against opposing hitters.

Why Moore Makes Sense:

  • Proven Track Record: Moore’s 2023 campaign boasts a sparkling 2.80 ERA and a .940 WHIP, showcasing his dominance in relief.
  • Matchup Magic: Moore’s left-handed throws would provide a much-needed weapon against tough lefty hitters, creating more flexibility for manager Buck Showalter in late-game situations.
  • Experience Counts: Moore’s past All-Star appearances and postseason experience bring a calming presence to a young bullpen in desperate need of leadership.

However, acquiring any of these players wouldn’t be a walk in the park. Moore, coming off a strong season, will likely command a hefty contract. Chafin and Diekman, while slightly cheaper, still hold significant value on the open market. The Mets, with their payroll already pushed to the limit, will need to be creative in their approach.

“We’re exploring all avenues,” Eppler assured. “Trades, free agency, even minor league options are on the table. We’re determined to find the right fit.”

The addition of a quality lefty reliever could have a ripple effect on the entire Mets pitching staff. It would provide manager Buck Showalter with more flexibility in late-game situations, allowing him to match up more effectively against opposing hitters. Additionally, it could take some pressure off the existing bullpen arms, leading to improved performance across the board.

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Of course, it’s still early in the offseason, and the Mets’ bullpen plans could change dramatically in the coming weeks. But one thing is certain: addressing their lack of left-handed relief is a top priority. If they can find the right southpaw solution, it could be the key to unlocking the Mets’ true potential in 2024.

The Bottom Line:

The Mets’ bullpen was a glaring weakness in 2023, and addressing it is a top priority for the front office. Adding a quality left-handed reliever like Moore would go a long way towards solving their platoon woes and providing much-needed stability in the late innings. While potential obstacles remain, the buzz surrounding Moore’s availability suggests the Mets are serious about making a significant upgrade to their bullpen in 2024.

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