John Cena Goes Almost naked While Presenting at the 2024 Oscars

John Cena’s arrival at the 2024 Academy Awards wasn’t easily missed. The actor and former wrestler took a hilarious approach to presenting the award for Best Costume Design, appearing on stage in minimal attire.

Host Jimmy Kimmel played on the history of the Oscars, referencing a famous streaking incident from decades past. Cena, peeking from behind a set piece, poked fun at the idea of nudity on stage. However, his commitment to the bit became clear when he refused to even hold the envelope containing the nominees due to his lack of…well, everything.

The situation caused a stir, with the audience (and likely some viewers at home) left in stitches. Stagehands scrambled to cover Cena with a strategically placed drape while the nominees for Best Costume Design were displayed on a video reel.

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While the award ultimately went to “Poor Things,” John Cena’s near-naked presentation stole the show for many. The internet buzzed with reactions, with some praising his comedic timing and others left a little flustered. One thing’s for sure: John Cena ensured the importance of costume design wasn’t overshadowed by his lack of one.

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