Champions Trophy 2025 To Be a T20 Event Instead of ODI. Report:

A Major Shift In International Cricket

In a significant development, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to replace the 50-over format with the T20I format for the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2025. This decision marks a major shift in international cricket, as the Champions Trophy has traditionally been a tournament for the longer format of the game.

The Champions Trophy, initially introduced in 1998, was initially conceived as a mini-World Cup, featuring the top-ranked ODI teams in a short, high-intensity tournament. However, over the years, the tournament struggled to gain the same level of popularity as the Cricket World Cup or the T20 World Cup, partly due to its proximity to the 50-over World Cup.

The decision to switch the Champions Trophy to the T20I format aims to revitalize the tournament and attract a larger audience. T20 cricket, with its shorter format and action-packed nature, has become the most popular and lucrative format of the game, drawing massive viewership and sponsorship deals.

The ICC believes that converting the Champions Trophy to a T20I event will align it with the current trends in cricket and make it more appealing to the global cricket audience. The T20 format’s shorter duration and higher scoring matches are expected to generate more excitement and attract a wider fan base.

The change in format will also have implications for the qualification process for the Champions Trophy. The top-ranked T20I teams based on the ICC Men’s T20I Rankings are expected to qualify for the tournament, with the host nation receiving an automatic berth.

Reasons Behind The Change

The ICC’s decision to switch to the T20I format for the Champions Trophy is primarily driven by the immense popularity of the shorter format of cricket. T20I matches have consistently attracted larger audiences and generated more revenue than 50-over matches in recent years. The ICC believes that switching to the T20I format for the Champions Trophy will help to further boost the tournament’s appeal and generate more interest among fans.

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Impact On The Future Of ODI Cricket

The decision to replace the 50-over format with the T20I format for the Champions Trophy raises questions about the future of ODI cricket. With the ICC’s flagship 50-over World Cup scheduled to take place every four years, the Champions Trophy could have provided a vital platform for the longer format. However, with the tournament now switching to the T20I format, the future of ODI cricket appears uncertain.

Reaction From Cricket Community

The decision to convert the Champions Trophy into a T20I event has received mixed reactions from the cricket community. Some have welcomed the change, arguing that it will help to promote the shorter format of the game and attract new fans. Others have expressed concerns about the future of ODI cricket, suggesting that the decision could further marginalize the longer format.


The ICC’s decision to switch to the T20I format for the Champions Trophy 2025 is a significant development that will have a major impact on the landscape of international cricket. The popularity of the T20I format is undeniable, and the ICC’s decision reflects this trend. However, the future of ODI cricket now appears uncertain, and it remains to be seen whether the longer format can maintain its relevance in the face of the growing popularity of T20I cricket.

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