Top 5 Rare Cricket Records that you should know

Top 5 cricket records

Top 5 Rare Cricket Records that may never be broken. A quick look on some of the rare moments in cricket that might never be repeated.

Top 5 Cricket Records

When it comes to new age Cricket, the over abundance of data and analytics has left a very minimal amount of unpredictability in the game. Which is supposed to its iconic definition through the ages.
However there is only so much a Coach or a Team can plan and be ready for when the Timer hits Zero.
Needless to say Cricket still encompasses a cosmic level of uncertainty. Records are been broken on a regular basis, repeatedly.
Some records posses a certain amount of inevitable lifetime based on the past implosions by endless number of Players over and over. And its only fare to have that as a culture to keep the incentive alive.
However some records are so rare that before they were set. the possibility of them existing was perceived to be as possible as the Hubble Telescope finding out that in the middle of every black hole, there is a man with a Flashlight looking for the circuit breaker.
Here are the Top 5 Uniquely Rare Cricket Records that might never be broken.

1. World Cup Hattrick:

World cup

Winning just one World Cup can Inspire generations to not just to play for their national Team. But also encourage Millions of fathers to support their Sons or daughter’s Decision to choose Cricket as a career. Specially in a high earning stable job driven societies like India.
Australian Cricket Team, apart from the other wins, managed to win the World Championship thrice in a row. 1999, 2003 and 2007. That’s probably one of the reasons Australia has produced more and more emerging talents since then and it continues to grow.
Under Captain Steve Waugh, who himself is an landmark in itself, was the captain when they won the cup in 1999. The rest of the two were under the Captaincy of none other than Ricky Ponting. Another record that was set during the coerce of this whole incident was the former Australian wicket keeper scored a half century in all the three World Cup finals. Talk about the Cherry on the cake.
Needless to say both the hattricks can be perceived to be unbreakable for quite a while. Specially in today’s world where even reaching the finals could be a tasking effort. Let alone doing it thrice in a row and managing a fifty+ score in all three as well. And even then you wont beat the target, just equal it. All the while knowing you are not the first guy or team to do it.

2. Maiden T20 Super Over:

Sunil Narine Cricket Records

Apart from the complete and utter embarrassment for the receiving team, A Maiden Super Over seems impossible to believe. But it happened. In a world where even one dot ball is a boon for any Team, managing to get 6 of them could almost become overwhelming for the bowling Team and a complete disaster for the Team at the receiving end.
The miracle was performed by none other than West Indies spinner Sunil Narine. The First and only bowler to own the record so far.
It happened in the 2014 Edition of the Caribbean Premier League, in a match between Red Steel and Guyana Amazon Warriors. Both the Teams ended up at a draw scoring 118 runs in 20 overs. Needless to say what ensued was a Super Over event that was as rare as it was definitive based on the Zero Runs Scored by the Receiving Team. The Record has not been broken since and it was so unbelievable that it is considered by cricket fans that it might be quite a while before someone attains such Feat again.

3. Nineteen Wickets in a Test Match:

test cricket top

Out of the Top 5 Uniquely Rare Cricket Records, this is a really rare one.
Its one of those things we think about when we are daydreaming about impossible Cricket scenarios. A Bowler taking all the wickets in a game. Only it was 19 wickets in a Test Match. English cricketer Jim Laker was the guy who did it a long long time ago. It was against Australia in 1956. He was one of the key players in the Team at the time and bowled a total of 68 overs, giving out 90 runs.
The record is so unconceivable that it has been standing tall for almost 70 Years. Its so farfetched that the closest one to it was Yasir Khan with 14 wickets in 2018.
The record might remain forever in the Top 5 Uniquely Rare Cricket Records, And although it implodes my mind to think about the incredible feeling a 19 wicket haul must have blessed the Bowler with, the only thing the Daydreaming part of me can think about is…if only it was 20.

4. Batting Average of 99.94 [Test Cricket]:

Don Top 5 Cricket Records

Just like the previous record, this one also has been sitting on Top for more than 70 Years. And just like the previous record this one also just falls short by a pinch, even after the fact that its such a mammoth Record that it might never be broken.
It comes from the one and only Australian cricketer Don Bradman.
He played a total of 52 matches scoring 6996 runs. Within that timeframe he recorded 29 Centuries and 13 Half Centuries. all of that with a whoppingly astoundingly Mount Everest of a Batting average of 99.94.
Its Seven Decades later and still there hasn’t been not one Player on the planet to even come into the periphery of the Record set by Don. The closest thing that is still not even close to coming close was a young Aussie player Marnus Labuschagne with an average of 63.43, though he just scored 1459 runs to date.
While creating all of this, as a phenomenal piece of entertainment in his cricket career, Bradman also scored 100 runs in just 3 overs. This was in 1931, a match between Blackheath and Lithgow. The legend scored a century in just 18 minutes, setting another unbreakable record in the history of cricket.

5. Two Hundred Test Matches:


Whenever it comes to someone talking about immeasurable records set in cricket, one name always manages to sneak past the charts and land on top most of the time.
Yes I am talking about the Master Blaster, aka God of Cricket Mr. Sachin Tendulkar.
India is a country with so much young talent and so much Fanbase demanding entertaining cricket that the short form of the game like T20 is something everyone is more inclined towards. As compared to something like Ranji Trophy. However just like any original version of a Cult song, no one can beat the longest form of the format, Test Cricket. It is said to be the most tasking of all the formats and a key instrument in finding the reliability and true temperament of a player.
Sachin is the only player the the history of cricket to play 200 Test matches in is career that is a total of 24 Years in case you forgot.
Ricky Ponting was considered to be the closest one in terms of comparability with Sachin during their Era. Even he couldn’t come close to Sachin with a record of 168 test matches under his belt.
Needless to say , it will take more than an extraordinarily unique talent to beat Sachin’s record.

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