Top 5 Lowest Team Scores in IPL History!

Top 5 scores

Top 5 Lowest Team Scores in IPL History. A brief look into one of the most lowest scoring cricket matches in IPL History so far. From Embarrassing Team Totals to Solo Saviors with impressive yet undone performances.

There’s nothing like holding an IPL Trophy after a high Team Score and a scorching run through the quicksand that is the endless stream of Worthy opponents. But it also go to a complete other direction sometimes. The satisfaction of a Fan watching the opposition crumble like an Annville is as formidably Intense as is the pain of being on the opposite side. Every ruler has a vulnerable phase and that goes the same for all the Mammoth Teams in IPL who ended up scoring lesser than my Grandpa’s Sr Citizen Team from the Backyard. From Virat Kohli to Sourav Ganguly, the walk of shame is not lost on most of the cricket legends after a devastating scorecard and the inevitable loss visible on the horizon as a by product.

Here are the Top 5 Lowest Team Scores in IPL History

Top 5 Scores

5. IPL 2008 Kolkata Knight Riders [Score 67] vs Mumbai Indians


Out of the 5 Lowest Team scores, the first one came in the first IPL season itself.

Sachin vs Ganguly has always had a nostalgic taste to it, Specially for us 90’s kids. This match didn’t taste good for niether parties in a way.
On the day of the match it was predicted after Pitch analysys that it could be a high scoring game. Mumbai Indians winning the toss and electing to Bowl certainly toned it down a bit. Still, no one was expecting one of the least entertaing Matches of IPL history.
Not unlike KKR fans, MI fans also witnessed a medioker day. They only got to see their Team Bat for a little over 5 overs in the second innnings on the account of KKR crumbling all the way and going all out at 67. Shaun Pollock got three wickets and Dwayne Bravo shot two down in one of their most proctive and economic spells in a while. Even Sanath Jayasuriya had a sweet yet bitter moment falling short of a Half Century by 2 runs. He Scored an exilerating 48 off only 17 balls and was the only Batsmen with a decent score in the whole match. Except for Jayasuriya’s knock, for Cricket Fans it was a day that came Undone in terms of Entertaiment. Who knew sometimes even a win could have a bitter sweet taste.

4. IPL 2017 Delhi Capitals [Score 67] vs Kings XI Punjab

Top 5 Scores

Out of the 5 Lowest Team totals, Delhi has taken up two spots.

Just like KKR, Delhi Capitals started the match by loosing the toss. Kings XI Punjab’s Captain Glenn Maxwell had his trust on his bowling side and was looking to restrict Delhi to a decent chasable score.
Little did he know that one his Key Bowlers, Sandeep Sharma was about to have one of his Greatest bowling Spells of his Career. Sharma has had a great track reacord in the 1st six overs, and thats exactly what happened that day aswell. By the time he finished his 4 overs, he only gave away 20 runs and ended up staggering the Delhi Batting linup so badly that they never recovered from it. So just like KKR, the whole Team was Bowled out at 67. Thanks to the tail end Bowlers From Punjab side.
Punjab had no difficulty under Maxwell’s Captaincy in reaching the score so effortlessly that no one even remembers watching the second innings.

3. IPL 2017 Delhi Capitals [Score 66] vs Mumbai Indians


Out of the 5 Lowest Team scores, Delhi had 2 in the same season.

As if one devastatingly low scoring defeat wasn’t enough, Delhi Capitals had to go through the nightmare twice in the 2017 Season of IPL.
Only this time the opposition Team Mumbai Indians Batted first and ended up Erecting the North Wall equavelant of a score for Delhi to chase. With two half Centuries by the Top three Mumbai Batsmen, Simmons with a 66 off 43 balls and Pollard in his golden ages with 63 off only 35 balls, Mumbai succeded to accomplish the aforementioned wall after all. Finally Pandya adding 29 off 14 balls by the end they came to a total of 212 by only loosing 3 wickets.
Unlike Mumbai, Delhi lost early wickets. From 6 for 2, it went to 20 for 3, then 35 for 5. Needless to say there was no friction in the Delhi Band Wagon falling off the cliff with all its passsnegers. Bajji and Sharma being the key assasins they were bowled out at 66.
Going all out at such low scores is scarring enough to go through once. Twice in a tournament will take the Will out of any Team. Let alone a team that has had an inconsistent Passion in the first place.

2. IPL 2009 Rajasthan Royals [Score 58] vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Top 5 Scores

Rajasthan Royals was the Fisrt Team to hold the IPL trophy in the 2008 inaugural season. It entirly changed the perception of the Team for both the Fans and the opposition Team. So when it came to the 2nd Season of IPL in 2009 everyone was expecting the only IPL winners to reek havoc even further.
Inverably there were a prominent amount of Fans who were also expecting RR to retain the trophy on the acoount of the Team having an intimidating Track record and Linup.
Furthermore their opponent Royal Challengers’ first season was below par in terms of both , performance and standings. They finished on the 7th spot and had a lot of insicure confidence to make up for. Batting first only Rahul Dravid (66 runs from 48 balls) and Kevin Pietersen (32 runs off 30) were the Batsmen from RCB who managed to put up a decent score and the Team somehow pulled through to a Total score of 133 runs, which is only a little short of respectable.
What came next was unexpected by even my Grandma who doesnt understand the game and thinks going all out is a brave but risky. RR were brave enough to go all out at 58, which was the lowest total ever in the Series, Ironically by the Team with the highest wins.

1. IPL 2017 Royal Challengers Bangalore [Score 49] vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Top 5 Scores

And finnaly the lowest score in IPL ever so far came from the Team with the most deserving track record to be Champions yet always falling short of being one, Royal Challengers Bangalore.
2017 was the season of Epic Crumbles. The creme brûlée of low scoring matches if you will. Joining the Club with Delhi Capitals was RCB as it faced KKR who decided to Bat first. They started well by reaching 65 and only loosing 1 wicket. But thats when the Tsunami hit them and they somehow took a breather from crumbling long enough to reach 131 runs.
Given the below average score to defend, Gautam Gambhir decided to go for an attacking field and put all his money on his Pace attack. And the pacers did not dissapoint at all. The key bowlers Nile, Woakes and de Grandhomme ended up deviding up the spoils of the war equally with three wickets each and the rest wasnot even worthy enough to be a part of IPL history. To put salt on the wound, none of the RCB batsmen were allowed to even reach double digits. A fitting side story to the horror that was an allout score of 49 runs.

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