Red Dead Redemption 2: Legendary Panther Location – Where is it located on the map

Red Dead Redemption 2: Legendary Panther location – where it is on the map. How to find and kill the RDR2 legendary animal, the panther

There are 16 Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, one of which is the Giaguaro Legendary Panther.

Players can find the animals scattered around in RDR2, but with this one you have to find it and kill it, which is actually not that easy.

You won’t see the panther until you reach rank 9 of the Master Hunter Challenge.

The panther is the hardest on the hunting list.

So where is the legendary animal, the Giaguaro Panther?

You can find it southeast of Rhodes, east of Braithwaite Manor, and south of Bolger Blade.

Take a look at the Map of the set location.

Where do you need to go to find the legendary panther?
When you reach the location on the map, be sure to save before starting the search for clues.

Watch out for the legendary panther Giaguaro that can sneak up and kill you. So take a chance.

Upon your return, you will receive this message: You have entered the Territory of Legendary Animals, but it will be some time before the animal returns to the area.

Your options are waiting (warning, this can take days) or make camp and sleep as long as you can. Manually save, exit and then come back, that has worked.

The best advice is to follow the clues; the third and last clue will not lead you to the panther, you must follow a path to a tree.

Take a Dead Eye stimulant too.

When you follow the path, raise your weapon. You will see the panther before you see it, then press X/Square and press left or right on your analog stick.

You’ll dive in, click your analog stick to summon Dead Eye, and look for a small red circle on your radar. There’s the panther! Turn towards the point and shoot it.

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