Naveen-ul-Haq Pokes Fun at Gulbadin Naib with Bollywood Meme; Rashid Khan Reacts – Watch

The Afghanistan cricket team has been in the news lately, but not just for their on-field performances. A lighthearted moment emerged after their T20 World Cup match against Bangladesh, thanks to some social media banter between teammates.

The “Fake Injury” Furore

During the rain-affected encounter, Gulbadin Naib, an Afghan batsman, clutched his hamstring and went down while fielding. This happened after his team received instructions from the dugout to slow down the match due to Bangladesh falling behind the Duckworth-Lewis par score. While some perceived it as a genuine injury, many fans and commentators suspected a tactical ploy to waste time. Naib’s actions sparked debate and even earned him the nickname “Oscar-worthy” for his supposed theatrics.

Naveen Joins the Fun

Fast bowler Naveen-ul-Haq, Naib’s teammate, decided to add a touch of humor to the situation. He took to social media and posted a hilarious meme featuring Naib. The meme cleverly used a scene from the popular Bollywood comedy film “Welcome.” In the scene, the characters played by Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar dramatically fake an injury. Naveen replaced their faces with his and Naib’s, perfectly capturing the lightheartedness of the situation.

Naib’s Sportsmanship and Rashid Khan’s Defense

Naib took the meme in good stride, showcasing good sportsmanship. Naveen even acknowledged this in his post, apologizing for the friendly jibe but admitting he couldn’t resist sharing the funny edit.

Interestingly, Afghanistan’s star leg-spinner, Rashid Khan, came to Naib’s defense. He clarified that while he wasn’t aware of the specifics behind the incident, he believed Naib might have suffered a cramp and downplayed the whole “fake injury” talk.

Fan Reactions and Team Spirit

The meme went viral, with many Afghan cricket fans finding it hilarious. Even other teammates like Mohammad Nabi joined the social media banter, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere. This incident demonstrates the camaraderie within the Afghan team, even in the midst of on-field challenges.

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The T20 World Cup is still ongoing, and Afghanistan will be hoping to put this episode behind them and focus on their upcoming matches. However, this social media exchange serves as a reminder that even amidst the intensity of competition, there’s always space for some lighthearted fun.

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