CWG 2022 Javelin Throw: Annu Rani wins Bronze Medal

Annu Rani wins bronze medal in CWG 2022 Javelin Throw on the same day when Neeraj Chopra created history in Olympics.

Annu Rani wins bronze

Exactly one year after Neeraj Chopra changed India’s history in the javelin throw, Indian athlete Annu Rani has created another record for the country.

Rani won a historic bronze medal in the ongoing 2022 Commonwealth Games javelin throw event with an incredible throw to a distance of 60m.

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Rani fell behind in the event at the start as she recorded the first throw of 55.61m. The other two pitches were disqualified. On her fourth try, Rani jumped straight into fourth with a massive throw.

CWG 2022 Javelin Throw: Neeraj Chopra made history on August 7 last year
Last year on August 7 in Tokyo, javelin throw star Neeraj took a historic gold medal and Rani reminded India of the brilliant day.

Neeraj with the best throw of 87.58 wins the gold medal in Tokyo after being the best since the start of the tournament.

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